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C. Bechstein Concert Pianos

The Sound of Excellence

The C. Bechstein upright and grand pianos are masterpieces handmade in Germany, cultivated musical personalities that meet the highest requirements and satisfy the most discriminating ears.

They embody the great tradition of European music: from the very beginning, the distinctive C. Bechstein voice has captivated the greatest composers and pianists. With their endless richness of nuances, the unique clarity of their tone, the perfection of their touch and their balance of dynamic power and lyrical musicality, the C. Bechstein pianos enchant every music lover. The genesis of a C. Bechstein piano is thus a process that takes several years.

John Thompson

Piano Expert & Owner of Sussex Pianos

With the increase of interest in medium to high quality pianos, I decided I needed a brand which reflected my company’s passion and demand for quality. The C.Bechstein company offered us many levels of quality under one roof. I have visited the C.Bechstein and Hoffmann factories and I am pleased that they were able to offer me the dealership to the C.Bechstein range, which included C.Bechstein Concert range. This top of the range line of pianos are built without compromise and the construction design is different to the other lines, making it more difficult to build, and using high quality materials. What you get with the C.Bechstein pianos is pure quality of sound with huge dynamic ranges and musical possibilities.

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