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C.Bechstein Academy Pianos

The Premium Class built in Germany

Convincing quality, small-series production using craftsmanship and rational state-of-the-art technology, made in Germany by C. Bechstein of Berlin. Bechstein pianos have a noble, colourful, elegant and harmonious voice. Their highly professional touch and distinctive sound profile – warm and pure, rich and full – make them universal, suitable for every musical purpose, whether for performance in private settings or as a working instrument for professionals musicians.

John Thompson

Piano Expert & Owner of Sussex Pianos

With the increase of interest in medium to high quality pianos, I decided I needed a brand which reflected my company’s passion and demand for quality. The C.Bechstein Company offered us many levels of quality under one roof. I have visited the C.Bechstein and Hoffmann factories and I am pleased that they were able to offer me the dealership to the C.Bechstein range. The C.Bechstein Academy range will offer the customer German quality design, build and a tone which will let you explore all possibilities in music expression.

Bechstein Academy Pianos Available

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