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Warranty & Delivery

When purchasing your piano from us, you have peace of mind with the excellent aftersales we provide.

Tuning- Pianos are tuned to standard UK pitch before delivery and are re-tuned 2-5 weeks after delivery, which is included in the price.

All tunings and servicing work will be carried out exclusively by Sussex Pianos Ltd or by a third party with permission of Sussex Pianos Ltd for the first tuning which should be within 2 months. Failure to service the piano regular will invalidate the guarantee. Failure to attend an appointment made for the first tuning will forfeit the free tuning and any other tuning will be chargeable.

Warranty- All new pianos have a 5 year manufacturers warranty. Which we will undertake if something goes wrong with your piano, which was not your fault but a manufacturing fault. Accidental damage will be covered by your own contents insurance. Used pianos come with 12 months.

The warranty covers the workmanship and materials used in the repair/ recondition/build construction of the instrument to the  piano owner. The guarantee also covers the instrument if it fails to work properly through not fault of the owner. We will undertake free of charge to the piano, all faults or defects appearing or developing in the instrument during the warranty period. It does not cover wear and tear items which should fail due to use. The guarantee is not transferable to any other piano or piano owner. All work is to be carried out by Sussex Pianos or by companies with the permission of Sussex Pianos. The piano owner must contact us of any fault so that it can be rectified. This guarantee will be made void if the piano is subjected to misuse, accident, neglect or work carried out without permission by Sussex Pianos Ltd.

All tunings, regulation, repairs or any other work must be carried out by Sussex Pianos or by companies with the permission of the guarantor during the period of the guarantee. Failure to do so will void this guarantee.

The guarantee becomes void if the instrument is subjected to extremes of humidity, major fluctuations or is not properly protected by humidity systems if deemed necessary. Extremes of humidity are outside the range of 40-60 % Relative humidity. The guarantee is made void if the piano is damaged by moving or transporting the piano if not by Sussex Pianos Ltd. We have the right not to carry out any work and to refund/replace an instrument instead if it is deemed necessary due to the complexity or cost of repair required. If a fault develops after the duration of the guarantee or if not covered by the guarantee, then a charge for the remedy work will be made. The instrument should work properly but allowances should be made for older instruments. An old instrument will not work as efficiently as a newer one.
This guarantee is only for pianos sold in England.

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Local easy access ground floor delivery is included in all prices. This is arranged at the time of sale or later. All pianos must be paid for in full, cleared funds, before delivery. Free delivery is to be local, within 30 miles of Sussex Pianos Ltd. Outside our area or difficult access will be extra.

The Delivery Fee is calculated using factors including distance, weight, piano type (grand or upright), and number of persons required and difficulty of access i.e. steps. Delivery fees are calculated by Sussex Pianos Ltd and are based on an accurate description of access as provided by the Customer and quoted at the time of agreement.

If the customer gives misleading information or fails to give vital information about access or a change to the placement of the piano occurs prior to delivery, then the quoted Delivery Fee is void and a new quote will be presented. If the new placement of the piano involves extra manpower and the piano has already been delivered to the address, then two options will be presented to the customer: a: to leave the piano at the address and arrange a new date to continue the move, b: to bring the piano back to Sussex Pianos Ltd and arrange a new delivery date. Additional charges will be payable by the customer to cover the extra costs incurred.

If the Customer fails to be present at the agreed time of delivery, then an additional charge will be made payable by the Customer.

Location of the piano within the Customers premises is to be agreed by Sussex Pianos Ltd and will only be accepted if it will not interfere with the workings and/or casework to result in possible damage to the workings or casework. Failure to agree with location, which will damage the piano, will void any warranty concerning the work carried out by Sussex Pianos Ltd.

We have the right to cancel a delivery due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. If it is deemed vital and there is urgency for the piano to be delivered, we may authorize the delivery of the piano by another company. If however the customer demands the piano delivered on a certain day and time, when there is no urgency, then the delivery costs will be met by the customer.

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