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Petrof Pianos

Petrof have been producing upright pianos and grand pianos with unmistakable sound and design for you since 1864. The production programme includes a wide range of products from top master pianos for big concert halls to upright pianos for music schools and home interiors. Their goal is to produce beautiful and reliable pianos, that will bring joy and pleasure to every pianist who plays them.

John Thompson

Piano Expert & Owner of Sussex Pianos

The reason we decided to stock Petrof pianos in our showroom was based on the need for a quality European brand which would fit between our Kawai range and Sauter piano range. We love the brand because it is a family business with high demands for quality. They make all the pianos in the Hradec Králové plant in the Czech Republic. So they are of purely European origin, which gives them the right to use the EUROPEAN EXCELLENCE trademark. The instrument production is based on traditional techniques done by hand with a focus on the resulting Petrof tone which is colourful and vibrant. We deal direct with the factory, no middle men, and this gives us a good European piano at a reasonable price for the customer. The brand had a hard time during the cold war but since 2001 when the factory passed back to the original family, they have worked hard to improve design and quality. According to the Piano Buyer, a well-established book and website offering impartial advice, Petrof is seen as a Performance brand and quote “Petrof are known for their warm, rich, singing tone, full of colour. The pianos are solidly built and workmanship is good. After careful preparation, the pianos can sound and feel quite beautiful and hold their own against other European brands.” and for that reason, we are happy to sell Petrof pianos to Sussex Piano’s customers.

Petrof Pianos Available

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