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Irmler Pianos by Bluthner

Founded by Julius Blüthner in 1853 in Leipzig, the Blüthner name has enjoyed an enviable reputation for over 150 years, and in the opinion of many world-famous artists and musical connoisseurs, has reached the pinnacle of perfection. Blüthner pianos are appreciated particularly for their warm rich tone and superior craftsmanship, which has been confirmed time and again by professional and international opinion. But Blüthner pianos are out of reach of the majority of pianists so in order to bring the Blüthner sound in to the homes of the majority, the challenge was given and provided by the Irmler brand.

The Challenge

Blüthner believe that the pleasure of playing the piano should be made affordable for all people. This does not mean that fine craftsmanship and the selection of appropriate high quality materials are neglected. They state “We are proud of the quality we are able to offer for you to enjoy. Your personal satisfaction is the best recommendation. Sit down and play one of our instruments, you will immediately be surprised by the performance: “A round singing tone.” A piano is an expensive investment so it is normal to look also at the aspects of design and lasting value. Nothing has been left to chance. Beautiful form combined with a sturdy construction ensure lasting satisfaction”.Modern technology and superior quality materials are the foundation of Blüthner’s success with the Irmler brand and they have now introduced ‘Irmler’ pianos to their range. Thanks to their experienced craftsmen, they are able to provide these handcrafted pianos at more affordable prices. An Irmler Professional instrument will let you experience the delight in virtuosity and tone over and over again.

John Thompson

Piano Expert & Owner of Sussex Pianos

The Blüthner piano is my personal favourite of all brands, being more suitable for the home and having that rich romantic sound which is pleasing to the ears. But to find used Blüthner pianos and rebuild them for the modern home is very expensive and new Blüthner pianos are expensive. We took on the Irmler brand because it offered us a balance of tone/ quality and affordability. We stock the European “Professional” and “Supreme” range of Irmler uprights and we have 5 upright models on display. This range is has solid soundboards, with the “Supreme” having German Abel hammers. I believe that these pianos offer a warm tone with a Blüthner build quality warranty but in a price range which the majority of pianists can afford.

Irmler Pianos by Bluthner Available

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