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Piano Covers

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Made to measure for each piano and come in different materials.

Covers are a good idea as they will protect the casework of the piano from accidents and minor scratches. The covers are well made and can have reinforced corners for extra protection. Many covers are sold to schools etc. but the home user will benefit as it will protect your investment. Covers are a good idea if children are around and to preserve a newly polished piano.

Grand Piano Covers

Our supplier has many templates of popular manufacturers on our database. For grand pianos, a template of the top lid is required if we don’t have your piano the database. You can make this by sticking together news paper and then cutting around the grand lid. You do not include the front keys, and it does not need to be exact as they are made with enough allowance to enable you to fit the cover quickly. You will need to send us your template so that we can process your order.

Covers are available in the following materials.

  • Light cotton in Brown, dark Blue or Black. Used to lightly protect finishes.
  • Black or Brown PVC waterproof. A water proof cover with a polyester mesh underneath to stop sweating.
  • Heavy Black nylon with a fleece lining. This is the perfect cover, soft lining and water repellant.
  • Black padded nylon for transit.  The ultimate cover for commercial or heavy use. Same as above but with a thick padding inbetween layers.These are used for transport or schools.