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Piano Polishing

Piano polishing using French polish is a traditional finishing technique using shellac and is applied by hand. It is a skilful job which amateurs try to accomplish but fail towards the end of the process where the real skill and experience comes in. Our expert finisher can build up the body of polish on the wood to achieve an outstanding piano finish. This is a time consuming process and will result in higher costs, however the results are worth it. French polish on pianos is easy to repair unlike modern finishes but does require looking after as it is a delicate finish compared to modern finishes.

Piano French Polishing

Piano French Polishing

Piano polishing with all finishes, preparation is very important. As we specialize in pianos, we can carry out other jobs which other finish companies cannot. We replace all the case felts with the same high quality felts. Clean all brass work located on the piano including the pedals. Clean and buff the piano keys to really make the piano look like new! It is all part of the service we provide.

Spray finishes that we use are bar top lacquers and pre-cats. These finishes result in a good finish and are less time consuming to apply than traditional French polish. It does not have the depth of French polish but is more cost effective. Modern finishes are more robust, they are resistant to water & alcohol and won’t scratch easily.

With the piano in our workshop, why not have some servicing done on the piano.