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Feurich Pianos

The highly esteemed Feurich upright and grand pianos have been produced for more than 160 years. The mastery and vast experience of the Feurich team of experts is the main reason they are able to maintain the tradition of excellence of these instruments.

Feurich has its own production line in Chen Hailun’s highly modern piano plant in Ningbo, China. The plant has an ever increasing output of outstanding quality pianos, controlled according to very specific criteria determined by Feurich’s own team of experts.Longevity of experience in relation to the production of piano parts and ownership of the latest equipment sets the parameter to produce the unique components of Feurich’s grand and upright pianos. Because of it’s dedicated team of experts Feurich has created many evolutionary and innovative instruments. This combination of expertise in both the traditional and modern way of piano building enables creative and new methods in all areas of production. The optimal implementation of high-tech machines, indispensable mastery and quality control determine the highest in quality. Therefore a most unique partnership has come into being – the best of both worlds!

John Thompson

Piano Expert & Owner of Sussex Pianos

Feurich is a brand which we started selling under their previous name of “Wendl & Lung” in 2009 but changed in 2011 to Feurich when the German company Feurich was bought. They have many features which we like which include Maple inner rims, details to case design, nickel plated steel music wire. They are continuing to improve the models and produce better pianos all the time.We have all the models on display including the silver frame/ chrome fittings grand pianos for a modern statement. The brand is constantly being improved with better felts etc. They have won awards when competing against long established firms and continue to establish themselves as a cost effective brand. The touch is light and responsive and the tone is full of life.

Feurich Pianos Available

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