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At Sussex Pianos, we can help service and maintain your piano.

Regularly servicing & regulating of your piano helps it perform well. Servicing is different to tuning but can be part of it. Upright pianos are generally easier and require less time.


This can be a full or half service depending on what needs to be done. It is done onsite and involves cleaning the instrument inside, removing string marks on the hammers, decreasing friction on moving parts and much more. The time required does depend on the type of piano and its condition. Average cost of a half service is £170 and will take 3 hours. A full service will include minor regulation like hammer line, hammer to string etc. This will cost on average £400 for a day onsite.


This is the adjustment, alignment and matching up parts of the mechanism (action & keys) pedals and strings. Minor regulation is part of a full service.  However, if the piano has seen a lot of use, not been serviced/regulated for a long time, then a major regulation is required. As felts, leathers and baizes wear down through use, the action will need adjustment to compensate for this. Costs depend on the instrument but the average cost is £500 and is done with the action in our workshop. The piano can stay with you. Minor touching up inside the piano is done on its return.


This is the most common task which a customer will request. It involves the adjustment of the strings to get the best sound a tuner can get from the instrument. Sometimes, if requested by the customer, a pitch raise will be necessary first, called a rough tune, followed by a fine tune. A pitch and fine can takes up to 1.5 hours and costs about £100.00. A standard tune will take up to an hour and costs £70.00. A concert tuning requires better stability and a very accurate tuning, but this will take longer and also a special journey. This is charged from £85.00