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Kawai K-200


New Design Kawai K-200 for 2014. Same as K2 but with different modern case.

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The Kawai K-200 upright piano is new for 2014 with a new contemporary cabinet design and under-felted hammers to improve tone. Not many upright pianos of this small size of 114cm offer a level of tone quality and performance that can rival many larger pianos. With sturdy construction for years of reliable service, the K-200 Series model is excellent for a professional pianist wanting a smaller piano but without the compromise. A black polished version with brass fittings is only available. All other colours will be in the K-2 case.

The Millennium III Action features components made of ABS-Carbon, a new composite material created by the infusion of carbon into our existing ABS Styran. ABS-Carbon is incredibly sturdy and rigid, which allowed Kawai to make the action parts lighter without sacrificing strength. The lighter design makes the Millennium III Action tremendously fast and effortless for the player. The repetition and responsiveness are superb.Every exacting detail of the action was exhaustively analysed to meet the stringent demands of the skilled pianist. One prime example of this effort was the addition of a microscopic surface texture on the jack at the point where it meets the hammer. The result of this subtle but important change is a dramatic increase in control during pianissimo playing.

  • “Soft Fall” Fallboard
  • Fallboard closing system that protects hands, fingers and the pianos finish from the harm that a jarring close may cause.
  • Non-lead weighted Keys
  • “We care about our world”. We have changed the weight used in keys from lead to iron.

A silent version of the Kawai K-200 is available in the form of the K-2 ATX in black only.

5 Year parts & labour +5 Year parts warranty subject to terms & conditions

If you are interested in a Kawai K-200 upright piano then please get in touch.

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Weight200 kg
Dimensions148 × 57 × 114 cm

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