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Hoffmann P114


 £8,950 inc 5 year  warranty and delivery.

The Hoffmann P114 is a top-quality, high-precision action. Modern elegance with chrome fittings and silver-coloured cast-iron frame. A piano that’s just the ticket if you’re after an instrument that doesn’t take up much room, boasts a powerful sound and looks great.


The smallest piano in the Professional series

The Hoffmann P114 is a rather small professional upright piano is easy on the ear and stands out for its extremely compact size and impressive sound volume. Its soundboard with a special design, hammerheads of professional dimensions and excellent sound projection properties will bring a glint to the eyes of even advanced piano players. The Hoffmann P114 will entice you with its outstanding touch, well-balanced sound and elegant look, three features typical of the Professional series.

Modest height, surprisingly powerful volume, fabulous depth of sound. Carefully selected materials, a sophisticated design and a wealth of elaborate details make the Hoffmann P114 a top-quality upright with value for money that is second to none among pianos produced in Europe. A glance at the instrument’s specifications confirms this statement.

All the pianos in the Hoffmann Professional series are robust, powerful instruments with an incredibly beautiful sound. Made from materials that are painstakingly selected and handcrafted, they constitute an affordable alternative to the premium Bechstein pianos.

Height 114cm, Width 150cm, Depth 61cm, Weight 230kg.

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