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Yamaha U3/U30


Yamaha U3 or U30 (younger and with a single top). 131cm high. Overstrung & underdamped piano. Built to a high quality as the ” U ” series built in Japan. Black polyester case. A professional piano. Prices from £3990 according to age.

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These pianos are serviced, parts replaced where necessary and the cases are either polished or revived. They look new but we stock models built between 1975-2010, so our stock varies in prices from £3990-£5,000. We buy these pianos at a higher price than other dealers to get the best ones. There are many out there on eBay etc but they vary in quality and its the insides which matter. Always check the bass strings for tone and hammers for wear.

We have a 1981 Yamaha U3 reconditioned by us priced at £4500.

Update 14/08/22  Due to the huge price increases in shipping, we are not stocking any U3’s at this time except for the one above. I would highly recommend trying a new Zimmerman S2 or S6.


Price includes 5 year warranty, local ground floor easy access delivery and 1st tuning.



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