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Hoffmann V175


Hoffmann V175 grand piano: a roaring commercial success. A tour de force of European piano-making, the V175 boasts great value for money, a quality processing and a distinctly European voice.

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When a renowned manufacturer like C. Bechstein Europe launches new models on the market, it knows it mustn’t disappoint its international customers who are on the lookout for an affordable piano. The Hoffmann V175 grand piano offers an excellent alternative to instruments with an Asian sound. It’s manufactured by C. Bechstein Europe at a production site in the Czech Republic that benefits from state-of-the-art facilities, perfectly trained staff and the expertise of the engineers at the parent company, C. Bechstein Germany. The difference is striking.

Just like C. Bechstein Germany, the parent company, C. Bechstein Europe produces every single one of its instruments in accordance with rigorous quality standards while adapting them to the individual price segments. As a result, every price category reflects the hallmarks of Bechstein’s philosophy. The Hoffmann V175 is an affordable grand piano whose components were carefully designed and selected by the technicians of the C. Bechstein R&D department. Should you decide to buy a grand from the W. Hoffmann Vision series, you will be enticed by the sound and action assembly of these sturdy and honest pianos.

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