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Hoffmann V126


Hoffmann V126 upright piano: an affordable tall piano of good quality and design. Developed by C. Bechstein Europe, the V126 is more than just a piano for beginners.

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The Hoffmann V126 model is C. Bechstein Europe’s powerful answer to low-profile instruments made in Asia. Thanks to its precise action, classical case design and powerful sound, the Hoffmann V126 pianoforte is one of the most successful instruments of the W.Hoffmann brand. Like all uprights in the Vision series, it stands out for its sturdiness and good tuning stability. Europe’s answer to the countless low-budget instruments on the market, it’s just the ticket if you’re on the lookout for an affordable pianoforte that offers lasting playing pleasure thanks to a harmonious and well-balanced voice.

The Hoffmann V126 upright boasts distinctively European features like a differentiated sound and an action with a good repetition speed. Experienced piano-makers determine and test all parts at C. Bechstein Europe’s action assembly center. Moreover, C. Bechstein Europe performs stringent quality control procedures.


147  Width in cm

126 Height in cm

62  Depth in cm

235 Weight in kg

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Alternative model is the V120

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