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Hoffmann V120


Hoffmann V120 upright piano: an affordable mid height piano of good quality and design. Developed by C. Bechstein Europe, the V 120 is more than just a piano for beginners.

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The Hoffmann V120 upright piano helped make the Vision series a roaring success by offering a new dimension in sound quality: “The Sound of Europe”. In doing so, this model introduced harmony to a market dominated by pianos with a dull, somewhat sterile sound.  We will gladly demonstrate the features of this model: a solid wood back frame, spruce ribs and soundboard membrane, hard wood bridges, cast- iron frame, top-quality European strings, keyboard and entire action assembly that echo the European quality standards, hammerheads covered in felt made of English wool.

This elegant piano boasts a pleasant feel and beautiful sound rich in overtones. This affordable instrument isn’t just any old piano!


151  Width in cm

120 Height in cm

62.5 Depth in cm

245 Weight in kg

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Alternative model is the V126

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