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Feurich 122 Universal


The Feurich 122 has become an award-winning best-seller. It was redeveloped in 2010/11 by our team of experts in order to improve on its quality even further. The key frame and key bed are made of aluminium, which makes the pianos resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. All Feurich 122 felts used in our action and keyboard are from the Wurzen Felt Factory in Germany, Hainsworth in England or of Japanese production, ensuring good tone or regulation. Deep bass, crystal clear treble and a wide middle section. The sound is very pleasant, smooth and warm and offers a wide scale of sound spectrum. The Feurich Ningbo Model 122 is a 48″ Professional Studio upright, made to high professional standards.

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Feurich 122 122cm High  60cm Long  151.5cm Length

Standard features are:

– aluminum keybed support system
– modern humidity resistant soundboard
– custom hammers with Wurzen felt
– spruce ribs set into case liner
– custom Paulello treble and bass strings
– beautiful chrome case details
– chromed tuning pins and pressure bar
– Feurich designed wooden pedal rails
– ISO9001:2000 Certified Manufacturing
– Precision CNC milled and wet sand cast frame

Keybed and keyframe:

Made of aluminum and laminated wood – hence, there are no changes due to climate oscillations.

High-quality felts:

All felts used in the keyboard and mechanism are produced in the factories Wurzen/Germany and Hainsworth/England, and used according to the proper needs and purposes, guaranteeing the best application of materials in the tone, and a steady regulation!


Select types of wood are kept in our specially designed dry storage and prepared for use.

The result: climate-resistant sounding boards and action parts!


The Feurich 122 keys are made of seventeen layers, with an additional solid wood layer at the base.

The result: climate-resistant and robust keyboards!


We use high-quality parts and value precise assemblage. Every single action of our uprights and grands is tested for durability by play-in devices.

The advantage: long-lasting actions with precise touch!


The models are of a fine form, have a high-quality finish and have felt enforcements in all the right places, to prevent creaking.

The result: no unwanted noises!

Pedal system:

Traditional pedal system with wooden levers, springs and specially designed FEURICH pedals, solid brass casted.

The advantage: noiseless, easy to handle, no maintenance

Mute pedal:

Sensationally easy to manipulate, the mute pedal is absolutely reliable!

The advantage: the felt is adjusted to the string surface so that the touch is hardly changed when playing with the mute pedal.

Bearing blocks and bottom plate:

The with CNC router machines perfectly milled parts and glued pins ensure the series‘ high quality, thus guaranteeing a sturdy build and reliability in voicing and tone for years to come.

Sound board:

The climate-resistant build has excellent durability and an exquisite tone.

Production of bass strings:

The traditionally hand-wound bass strings guarantee a pure, soaring bass.

Only a robust, durable instrument gives pleasure for decades to come.

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Additional information

Weight220 kg
Dimensions151.5 × 60 × 122 cm



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