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Dampp-chaser 38 Watts De-humidifer & Humidistat


By fitting a dampp-chaser (a low voltage element encased in a metal tube designed for the piano), your piano will be protected by gently heating the air inside so that no damage occurs from fluctuations in humidity. Sticky keys and hammers are a common result of high humidity and a damaged piano can take a long time recover and may need repairs.

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We do not do mail order. This is for us to fit to our customers only.

This is a 38 watt heater rod which is 36 inches or 91cm long. For grand or upright.

This is placed under a grand piano or inside an upright. The humidistat controls the heater so the piano does not over heat. Set to come on at 50% RH

Please note it is highly recommended to use a heater rod with the humidistat set to regulate the heater rod so that it doe not over heat your piano.

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