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Sauter, in Germany, started building pianos nearly 200 years ago.The Sauter piano firm was founded in 1819 by Johann Grimm, stepfather to Carl Sauter I, and has been owned and managed by members of the Sauter family for six generations, currently by Ulrich Sauter.

Johann Grimm, the founder of the company, learned the trade of piano making from Johann Andreas Streicher in Vienna, who built Beethoven´s instruments. This is how the founder of Sauter became acquainted with the high requirements of the famous composer. After successful completion of his apprenticeship, he started building square pianos himself. The art of building such high-standard pianos grew into a family tradition, with new improvements and refinements evolving into an excellent culture of sound. Joyfulness in innovation has become an inherent part of Sauter’s philosophy. Sauter emphasised the development of the double repetition action of grand pianos and always produce pianos of high standards and master quality.

Visit the Sauter website to see their complete range of upright and grand pianos. A visit to the factory is encouraged if you want to try the complete range of grand pianos, we can facilitate this for you.


John Thompson – Owner of Sussex Pianos

“In 2008, I visited the German factory of Renner for a 3 day visit with an IMIT group, in Stuttgart. We were kindly invited to the Sauter factory which is not far from Renner. Walking around the factory, seeing the craftsmen and women working of these instruments, was a mesmerising experience. Attention to detail, the quality of the materials, the designs and so much more than you would expect from visiting other factories. I decided then that I would someday sell these instruments. In July 2013, we were able to stock Sauter pianos. These are better known in Europe than the UK but those who own a Sauter piano will know of its sound, a singing tone with beautiful overtones. The range has 4 main uprights and 4 main grands but also has designer instruments. The pianos are built to order so there can be a 2-3 month wait. They will colour the piano to your requirements or you can choose from a selection of veneers. You don’t just get a piano, you get a work of art which will last your lifetime, your children’s lifetime and be rebuilt to last another generation. According to “”, a well-established book and website offering impartial advice, Sauter is classed as a Performance piano in the top table of “Highest quality” along with Steinway, Bechstein, Bluthner, Fazioli to name a few. But when you compare the prices of these manufactures, Sauter offers their range at more realistic prices with an exclusive name which helps to keep their brand much sort after.”

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