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C.Bechstein A228


The Bechstein A228 semi-concert grand piano is a top-class instrument with an impressive sound volume and a professional action. It is available at a accessible price, even though it is not out of place on concert stages.


C.Bechstein Academy A228 semi-concert grand piano: a bravura instrument

Your gateway to the Bechstein world, the A228 semi-concert grand piano enables you to enjoy at home the magic of the great German brand.In recent years, Bechstein has been the focus of media attention like no other piano manufacturer. Journalists frequently reported on the continuous development and exceptional character of the German production site, where both the premium Bechstein pianos and the instruments of the C. Bechstein Masterpiece class are manufactured.

Typical features of the Bechstein sound

The A228 semi-concert grand piano was developed at the C. Bechstein R&D department located in Seifhennersdorf, Saxony, and is rooted in the great Bechstein tradition. It is made at the adjoining production site using high technology and the best materials. For example, the case and the back frame are made using high-precision CNC technology, while a special procedure was developed to insert the soundboard with its active vibration properties into the acoustic assembly to ensure wonderful sound projection.

The professional action of the A228 model boasts special hammerheads made by C. Bechstein, Germany. Perfectly trained piano-makers complement the high-tech processes as they perform crucial operations by hand, such as the voicing of the hammerheads or the insertion of the action into the case.

The elegant and noble character of the Bechstein sound stems from the special design of the acoustic assembly. Moreover, a slower sound transfer velocity decisively contributes to the sublime majestic voice of the instrument. As a result, the Bechstein A228 semi-concert grand piano is ideal for chamber music performances and playing in private music rooms.

A228 Dimensions

153 Width in cm

228 Length in cm

418 Weight in kg

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