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C.Bechstein A114 Modern


The Bechstein A114 Modern upright was developed by the engineers of Bechstein’s R&D department in Saxony. A modern Bechstein legend. An elegant and aesthetic designer piano

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Form and sound in harmony

Bechstein A114. An eye-catcher with perfect proportions, the Bechstein A114 Modern designer piano is the most beautiful of all compact instruments: every line and every contour will seduce you. It boasts not only a contemporary yet timeless design, but also a voice to satisfy a connoisseur. A designer piano in keeping with today’s taste, attractive and innovative, the Bechstein A114 Modern upright will take center stage in your home and your life with its sophisticated, understated aesthetics. The Bechstein A114 Modern: a must-have for those who love exquisite music and interiors.

Despite its small dimensions, the Bechstein A114 Modern upright stands out for its brilliant voice. Take your first steps in the world of premium Bechstein pianos! This pleasingly compact instrument will surprise you with its impressive sound volume. The A114 Modern model boasts all the quality features of the great Bechstein piano tradition.

While C. Bechstein has been the epitome of piano-making for more than one and a half centuries, the Bechstein pianos are premium instruments offering excellent value for money. Both brands are made in Germany.

Dimensions: Width 149 cm Height 112.9 cm Depth 57.4 cm Weight 230 kg

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