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C.Bechstein A114 Chrome Art


The Bechstein A114 Chrome Art is a modern piano, an enviable understatement, confidently stylish, up-to-date yet classical. Bechstein makes instruments to meet the requirements of both music lovers and demanding piano players.

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Elegant, smart, Art Deco. Bechstein A114 Chrome Art

This model seduces the eye as well as the ear! Persuasive lines in glossy black. Delicate chrome lines underscore a slender silhouette and bring elegant, simply structured surfaces to life. Discreet chamfers set off the fall and the top panel, making them easier to open. Additional chrome lines redefine the piano’s profile.

Shadow grooves and subtly soft edges make the pure style agreeable. Chrome toe blocks accent the case. A true work of art, too beautiful to stand in the corner!

A modern piano with a beautiful case and a beautiful voice

The Bechstein A114 Chrome Art upright is an eye-catcher with an incomparable voice. Take your first step in the world of the Bechstein Premium class! Designed to meet the demands of advanced piano players, this compact instrument will surprise you with its impressive sound volume.

It goes without saying that, like all instruments in the C. Bechstein Masterpiece class and the Bechstein Premium class, this modern piano is made in Germany and meets the highest standards of workmanship and longevity.

Dimensions: Height 112cm Width 149cm Depth 57cm Weight 230kg

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