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Premium Silent System
Premium Silent System

Having the option to turn your piano into a silent piano lets you play Whenever you feel like it!

Mute your instrument and listen to your playing through your headphones. A mute rail catches the hammers before they strike the piano strings and 88 sensors fitted beneath your keys measure the strength of all the key-strokes and generate the appropriate general MIDI data. Not only can you listen to your piano through your headphones but you can also set up different volume levels and timbres.

The Night and Day Piano.
Play you instrument like a normal piano. You will then have the option - just by using a lever - to completely mute your piano.You can then set up your piano volume using your headphones and play it as an acoustic piano with digital accompaniment. Change the sound or just active the digital metronome and then run through your piece bar by bar. Record on to a track and play it back.

Can be installed to any upright piano except very old or very small pianos.

1) Interlayer Noise Resolution- Specially designed “Real Touch Silencer System” enables your piano to be completely silent in it’s acoustic sound, thus reproducing an original piano sound through provided headphones.
2) Sound Selecting and Editing with 17 Presets + 16 Usersets + 128 GM Sounds
3) Metronome – Tempo, Beat, Volume
4) Effect – Reverb, Chorus, Transpose, Pitch, Velocity Curve.
5) 4 Tracks Recoring and Playing – using USB Memory is also available
6) 80 Demonstration Songs
7) Piano Education and Practice with 218 Songs
8) Built In MIDI Interface.
9) Connecting to External Audio Equipment and other General MIDI devices.

Velocity    127 Level
Touch Response   5 Curves
Sensitivity of each Keys   Individual Adjustment Range from 000 to 256
Sensor Pedal   Sustain, Soft 
Sounds  17 Pre-Set + 16 User-Set, 128 GM Sounds
Sounds Memory   384 Mb
Polyphony   128 Poly
Transpose   +-24 Semitone
Effect  Reverb Type 8
Reverb Depth   000 ~ 127
Chorus Type 8
Chorus Depth   000 ~ 127
Pitch  Default 440 Hz
Variation Range   438 ~ 445 Hz (1 Hz)
Metronome Tempo  25 ~ 250
Metronome Beat 21 Type
Metronome Volume   0 ~ 9
Demonstration Song   10 Songs 80 Songs (Sonatina 1,2,3),
Record and Playback 4 Tracks (Approx. 40,000 Notes Each)
Display  128 x 64 LCD Display
Headphone Jack

1/8" x 2 Jack

USB MIDI INTERFACE Built in midi interface. connect to computer
USB Host Connecting to USB memory
MIDI Port  Input / Out / Thru (Extra Option : MIDI I/O Module)
Audio In/Out  (Stereo)
Power Supply x 2 (Control & Nain Unit)  Input : AC 100 ~ 240V, Output : DC 12V, 1~3A (Connect to just 'ONE' DC Jack from Control OR Main Unit)
Education Mode  216 Songs